I. Introduction

If you read a bit about Adlib and the OPL1 or OPL2 chips, many manuals and texts always tell you that you have to wait a number of cycles after a register-select write to the chip, and even more cycles after a register-value write. I also used that in my Edlib music player for the C64 based on that idea. 

When I read through the music player code for the MSX game Xak (that also uses OPL1, the Y8950 or the poor man's version of the OPL2, the YM2413), I noticed that the programmers only waited a bit for the register select output to the YM3812 and did not put any extra waiting loop after register value write. See below for the code. Thus, I went ahead and wanted to know what is the minimum required waiting needed to use the OPL on the C64, and leave more cycles for other coding. Read the whole article by clicking on the Read More button. 

I recently had the honour to give a presentation at X2018 about FM-YAM! I decided to record the same presentation a week later at my home studio for anyone interested that missed the one at X. Check it out here: View the video





I will ship the first bulk of FM-YAM's from the second batch next week! I hope you will enjoy them, and make some music for it as well! :D

Hello everyone, after many months since the first announcement, I am currently assembling the first batch of 100 FM-YAM cartridges! In March 2018 I hope to ship them all to those who have reserved (and paid for) their copies! Check as always the main page regularly. If you have a higher reservation number, say up to 120, there may still be a chance you can get one, but it is a little uncertain. If there is enough interest, I may do a second batch! :)