I recently had the honour to give a presentation at X2018 about FM-YAM! I decided to record the same presentation a week later at my home studio for anyone interested that missed the one at X. Check it out here: View the video





I will ship the first bulk of FM-YAM's from the second batch next week! I hope you will enjoy them, and make some music for it as well! :D

Hello everyone, after many months since the first announcement, I am currently assembling the first batch of 100 FM-YAM cartridges! In March 2018 I hope to ship them all to those who have reserved (and paid for) their copies! Check as always the main page regularly. If you have a higher reservation number, say up to 120, there may still be a chance you can get one, but it is a little uncertain. If there is enough interest, I may do a second batch! :)





Hi everyone, I know this blog is very empty, but I only recently started it up. The main reason being to set-up a dedicated page for our latest project: FM-YAM. FM-YAM is envisioned as a light-weight SFX Sound Expander compatible, all the same features, except the keyboard interface and extra cartridge slot. Fitting nicely in a standard C64 cartridge, with a line-in for your SID output, mixing the FM with the SID for the line-out. 

If you wish to help us make it a success and make mass-production a reality, please visit the dedicated FM-YAM page for more information.